How much could you receive?

* The amount you receive is largely decided by you and based on the amount of appreciation you choose to share. If your home is valued over $5,000,000 call us at 877-234-4635 to find out how much your home may qualify for or click here to request information. Best of all, there is no obligation on your part!

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See If Your Home Qualifies

Unlock the future value of your home today.®

Recent Transaction*

Property: Bay Area, $1,565,000

Use of Funds: Reduce Mortgage Payment and Refinance

EquityKey Paid: $269,963

*Transaction funded on April 4, 2015

How it works

EquityKey gives you cash today for a share of the future appreciation of your property. You decide how much appreciation to sell and you still own your home. There are no monthly payments — EquityKey gets paid at the end of the agreement, when you decide to sell your home. It's not a loan—it's an investment we're making right alongside you.

EquityKey offers the financial freedom to help the people, programs and projects that you care about, right now. See if your home qualifies.

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